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Friends of Goss Lake


If you are looking for great information about water sheds, water resources etc. check out all the downloadable information on Whidbey Conservation District web site.................... Click OK
Information on the lake itself,        Click OK
        Department of Ecology
Photos taken March 16, 2011.   Goss Lake is heading for the high end of its historical cycle. These posts were on dry land 3 or 4 months ago. Refer to Departmant of Ecology link above for more information.
If you have been to the lake recently you have seen the algae, just like previous years.  The Health Dept. has taked test samples and as soon as I have the results I will post them here along with sending e-mail to everyone on the Friends of Goss Lake list.

If you are not on the Friends of Goss Lake e-mail list just hit the contact tab on the left of this page and send me your address.
GOSS LAKE is currently posted, Jan. 30th 2014
NEW DATE Whidbey Island Triathlon 2014
Saturday August 16th
Lakeside will be closed from Pintail to Traverse and Traverse will be closed as well
Not a great weekend for a garage sale so enjoy the Triathlon instead!!